Are you thinking of taking part in a fun run this year? We spoke with Bernie Shipp, a City2Surf veteran who has conquered the race 26 times. For the past six years, he has run in support of Australia for UNHCR, each time raising over $5,000 for emergency relief. 

What motivated you to become an Australia for UNHCR supporter?
I started supporting Australia for UNHCR in about 2010. It’s a wonderful organisation providing emergency relief for those who have become refugees or been displaced because of wars and famine. Those of us in a safe and more privileged position have the opportunity to make our spare funds available to support this important work.

How have you prepared for your runs over the years?
I’ve run in the City2Surf 26 times over the last four and a half decades! I usually start preparing around April each year, when the weather starts to get cooler. These days I train by doing some walking and gentle jogging. Many of the 80,000 people who the race walk instead of run – it's meant to be fun!

What would you say to someone considering running for Australia for UNHCR this season?
I strongly recommend running for Australia for UNHCR as part of the City2Surf this year. The City2Surf website has links that allow you to set up an ‘Everyday Hero’ page. This is your home page for fundraising. You can then distribute the link via social media or email, creating your own email list. The page makes it easy for others to donate, the donors receive an emailed tax receipt, and you’re notified every time a donation is received. It is not very time consuming, and quite a lot of fun.

Once the page is set up, it’s simply a case of acknowledging the individual donors, and providing the occasional update and reminder. It’s a very satisfying way to raise funds for this important organisation, and a real motivator if training is becoming a bit of a drag!

The City2Surf will be held on Sunday 13 August 2017.

Bernie with other Team UNHCR runners enjoying well-earned snacks and massages at our marquee after the race.

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