If you’re thinking of signing up to the Leading Women’s Fund, consider also becoming one of 'The Founding 50'. You’ll have the chance to connect directly with female Syrian refugees in Jordan through UNHCR’s ground-breaking new app.

We’re asking LWF donors to give $3000 (or $250 a month) to the Fund, which is enough to support a female refugee and her family for a year. That’s her rent, utilities and food covered - enabling her to focus on maximising her own and her children’s potential and build a better life.

“Women and girls represent both the tragedy of Syria and the hope for its future,”
Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

“Founding 50” donors will have the opportunity to use the Connecting Worlds app to swap texts and photos with refugee women and learn more about each other’s daily lives and experience. (Translators will solve the language problem, so you can type in your own language.)

“It’s a way to meet each other not as donors and beneficiaries, but as equals, with much to share and learn from each other,” says Larissa Schlotterbeck, responsible for app concept, UNHCR “Through this simple connection, we can help make our lives a little richer.”


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