Sixteen-year-old Anais fled violence in Burundi with her mother and sister when she was a little girl. They found safety in Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda, where Anais is now a secondary student at Paysannat School. UNHCR helped construct the school’s 133 classrooms, which cater for 21,000 students, half of whom are Burundian refugees like Anais.

Anais’s favourite subject is science and she hopes to become a doctor one day, helping other vulnerable people in need and creating a secure and meaningful future for herself and her own family.

With the support of donors, Australia for UNHCR has helped displaced people like Anais in over 53 countries, providing them with life-saving protection and assistance in their time of need.

However, as conflicts continue to erupt around the world and global warming leads to more extreme weather events and disasters, millions more people are likely to be forcibly uprooted from their homes. Future generations of vulnerable people will continue to need our help as they seek safe haven.

The effect of a gift in your Will multiplies when refugees have opportunities to access education and other support services, creating a generation of self-reliant adults who can then support their own families. ©UNHCR/R. Arnold

One of the most effective and inspiring ways to ensure the values you care about today continue years into the future is to leave a gift in your Will.

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If you believe every refugee family deserves to live in safety, that refugee children should receive an education and adults be given the opportunity to work and achieve self-reliance, a gift in your Will to Australia for UNHCR means that you will continue to defend the human rights of people forced to flee their homes.

Not only do gifts in Wills help UNHCR plan for the future, but the effect of your gift multiplies beyond the immediate beneficiaries. As refugees like Anais become self-sufficient, they contribute to their communities, both socially and economically, and are able to support their own children to receive an education and become independent adults.

Helping refugees to thrive, not just survive: that is a legacy to be proud of.

More information

If you would like to receive a free printed copy of our gifts in Wills brochure or have a confidential conversation about our Bequests program, please contact Elizabeth Grady, Development Manager, at or call 02 9276 6866.

As conflicts continue to erupt around the world, forcing innocent civilians to flee for their lives, leaving a bequest will help UNHCR provide protection and assistance, as well as plan ahead for future humanitarian emergencies. ©UNHCR

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