Purpose of the terms and conditions

Australia for UNHCR (A4U) is the UN Refugee Agency’s national partner in Australia, raising awareness and funds to support UNHCR’s global emergency response to humanitarian crises. A4U greatly appreciates the support of Community Fundraisers and acknowledges the role that they play in raising awareness and funds to support UNHCR. These terms and conditions have been established to support Community Fundraisers and ensure that any risk to them and to A4U is minimised.


Community Fundraiser – an individual or organisation external to A4U conducting community fundraising activities on behalf of A4U. Fundraisers do not represent A4U but are raising funds that will be forwarded to A4U.

Community Fundraising – when a Community Fundraiser holds an event or conducts an activity with the intention of raising funds for A4U.

Authority to Fundraise – is provided in writing to a Community Fundraiser by A4U, or by one of A4U’s Online Fundraising platforms. It authorises the Community Fundraiser to conduct Community Fundraising for A4U.

Online Fundraising – When a Community Fundraiser raises funds for A4U via one of its online fundraising platform (i.e. Everyday Hero, Go Fundraise, Grassrootz etc).

Offline Fundraising – When a Community Fundraiser raises funds for A4U not via its online fundraising platform, Everyday Hero. Offline fundraising activities may include barbeques, gala balls, raffles etc.

Registration Form – The form used to register a Community Fundraising activity on the Team UNHCR website.


These terms and conditions apply to all Community Fundraisers conducting Community Fundraising activities to raise funds for A4U.

Community Fundraising terms and conditions


  1. In order to conduct a Community Fundraising activity for A4U a Community Fundraiser must be granted an Authority to Fundraise either by A4U or, in the case of Online Fundraising, by its online fundraising platforms (i.e. Everyday Hero, Go Fundraise, Grassrootz etc). Authority to Fundraise is required by law in most States and Territories in Australia and is a requirement of fundraising for A4U.

  2. Community Fundraisers are responsible for meeting the requirements of relevant State and/or Territory laws and regulations, and to obtain any permits and licences (i.e. for a raffle or competition) that may be required. A4U does not provide legal advice regarding compliance with these laws and regulations. A link to information regarding State and/or Territory regulations is provided here.

  3. The Community Fundraiser must not approach the general public with door to door, street or telephone collections as part of their Community Fundraising activity.

Insurance and Liability

  1. A4U accepts no responsibility for any loss, liability or injury, occupational, health, safety and welfare claims arising from any Community Fundraising activity. It is the responsibility of the Community Fundraiser to ensure the safety of themselves and any participants or attendees in their Community Fundraising Activities, including providing first aid services if they are needed. Community Fundraisers are responsible for obtaining and maintaining any appropriate insurance for their Community Fundraising activity, including public liability insurance.

  2. A4U’s public liability insurance does not cover people who choose to conduct Community Fundraising activities on our behalf. We are not liable for assessing or managing any risks associated with Community Fundraising activities.

  3. Community Fundraiser’s agree to release A4U to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims and demands of any kind associated with any Community Fundraising activity, and indemnify A4U for all liability or costs that may arise in respect to any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person in any way associated with the activity caused by their breach of these responsibilities or negligence.

  4. The person whose name appears on the Registration Form and is granted the Authority to Fundraise is solely accountable for managing the Community Fundraising activity in an appropriate and responsible way. The Registered Fundraiser must notify A4U of any changes to their Community Fundraising activity in advance and must only fundraise for the period of time authorised by A4U.

Costs and Contributions

  1. Community Fundraisers agree to pay all costs involved with conducting their Community Fundraising activity. Community Fundraisers must keep records of income and expenditure and, may deduct any essential costs of organising their Community Fundraising activity, as long as they are documented with receipts, and are fair and reasonable (e.g. costs such as catering, venue or equipment hire). Please contact A4U’s Community Fundraising team for advice as to what would be considered fair and reasonable.

  2. The Community Fundraiser must securely keep all the money raised by the Fundraising Event. Full records of the amount raised, along with the money, need to be securely deposited to A4U within 14 days after the Community Fundraising activity takes place.

  3. The Community Fundraiser must ensure the A4U is clearly identified as the beneficiary of the funds raised. Where possible, the Community Fundraiser must detail the amount or proportion of funds raised that will be donated to A4U. 

A4U Logo and Name

  1. The Australia for UNHCR logo and UNHCR logo must not be used for Community Fundraising activities. A4U’s “Fundraising to support Australia for UNHCR” logo can be used to promote Community Fundraising activities following approval from A4U’s Community Fundraising team. Any form of promotional material that uses the “Fundraising to support Australia for UNHCR” logo must be reviewed and approved by a member of A4U’s Community Fundraising team before it is shared publicly.

  2. At no time can a fundraising activity be advertised as an official A4U or UNHCR event. Fundraisers can refer to their activities as supporting A4U and may include phrases like “this event is proudly supporting Australia for UNHCR” or “funds raised will be donated to Australia for UNHCR”.

General Guidelines

  1. Community Fundraisers that are under 15 years of age must have the express permission of a parent or guardian before undertaking any Community Fundraising activities for A4U. 

  2. A4U is a child safe organisation and therefore has a Child Safeguarding Policy. Community Fundraisers should review A4U’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct before commencing any Community Fundraising activities. 

  3. A4U has a Privacy Policy that we encourage all fundraisers to read. 16. A4U reserves the right to withdraw a Community Fundraiser’s Authority to Fundraise at any time if it appears to A4U that the Community Fundraising activity may negatively affect the image or reputation of A4U or if A4U believes there's a likelihood of any Community Fundraising activity not being conducted in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Review of Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions are a living document that will be reviewed at a minimum every three years. A review will be undertaken earlier according to any significant changes in A4U policies and/or Australian state/federal legislation.

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